Smoke and Mirrors – SPACE gallery

I am showing Climbing as part of this group show curated by Jesse Hulcher. It features a lot of awesome artists. Here’s a review of the show.

Pics here

Opening Reception: June 12th 5:30-9pm
Smoke and Mirrors
Guest curator: Jesse Hulcher
Gallery Crawl July 17
June 12 – September 24
Hours 5:30-9pm

Participating Artists
Cory Arcangel, Matt Barton, Chris Beauregard,
Robin Brasington, Jacob Ciocci, Olivia Ciummo,
Thad Kellstadt, Ladyboy, Guthrie Lonergan,
Spencer Longo, Eileen Maxson,
Jesse McLean, Alex Miller
Jae Ruberto, Michael Smith, Ed P. Steck, Scotty Vera,
Jeffrey Vulture, John Daniel Walsh


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