1.5 Million in Philadelphia

I, alongside many awesome artists, am participating in a show called 1.5 Million, curated by Corey Antis, and exhibiting at the Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries, at Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Will post more info when available. As far as I know, the show opened Oct. 7, 2009.

About the show and it’s premise:

In 1969 and 1970, the writer and curator Lucy Lippard organized two groundbreaking shows that highlighted the roles of raw ideas in the artistic process. Using works from 71 emerging artists of the period, she curated exhibitions that focused on art that could be made, but might only exist as proposals.

“1.5 Million” would recreate the structure of Lippard’s exhibitions for contemporary Philadelphia. As in the original shows, entitled “955,000” and “557,087,” respectively, invited artists will be asked to submit 4”x6” index cards with their name and a proposal for a piece of work. These proposals will feature works that the participants would like to make, rather than ones they fully intend to show or produce, and may range from instructions, drawings, paintings photographs, sculptural interventions, text or merely notes for present or future ideas. These proposals, as in the original exhibitions, can either extend from an existing project or be a separate investigation entirely.

This is a project that will explore the limits of what art can be and how it can be made, our uses of remaking in the art-viewing experience, and how accessible ideas can be in an economic period where the means to share or realize them might be unavailable. The index cards themselves will be used as the exhibition material.

The title is the rough estimate of the population of contemporary Philadelphia. As Lippard envisioned for the original sites in Seattle and Vancouver, it is hoped that all of Philadelphia will be engaged by the exhibition.