YouTube Assembly on March 30, 2010

The YouTube Assembly consists of screening web-based video for a live and participating audience. Each event features a guest host presenting a collection of YouTube clips that elaborate on a project or theme in which they have some expertise or interest. In the spirit of the popular YouTube interface, audience members are encouraged to comment on the videos they watch, except out loud and in real time with no anonymity. After the presentation the host then invites audience members to share their own clips. Like karaoke or an open mic, the YouTube Assembly creates a situation in which people take turns entertaining each other, thus bypassing the arguably isolating aspect of online networks like YouTube and encourage real, face-to-face interaction.

The YTA is sponsored by Homeroom Chicago and is hosted by the Nightingale.
the Nightingale
1084 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60642

Thematically based around fan culture, this screening will take a look at both fans and fan-created videos. Through our own cloudy voyeuristic lens, we will explore what it means to admire, to emulate and to obsess.

Somewhere only we know and The Burning Blue at Ann Arbor

I will be screening Somewhere only we know and The Burning Blue as part of the 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival which runs from March 23-28. Somewhere only we know will be screened March 24, Wednesday at 9:00pm and The Burning Blue will screen on March 28 Sunday at 3:00. Stay tuned for the full film festival schedule, I’m sure there will be a lot of amazing work screening. I will be headed to the festival on Thursday to see Matthais Muller speak!

VDB New Acquisitions Screening March 13 at Roots and Culture

On Saturday, March 13 the Video Data Bank will present a screening of work newly acquired by the VDB. They will be screening The Eternal Quarter Inch, along with work by Sterling Ruby, Dani Leventhal, Jim Finn, Susan Youssef, K8 Hardy, Wynne Greenwood and Nicolas Provost.

New Acquisitions from the Video Data Bank
Saturday, March 13, 2010
7:00 pm
Roots & Culture gallery
1034 N. Milwaukee Ave
Division stop, Blue Line
$5 suggested donation