The Burning Blue in CUFF

I will be screening The Burning Blue in the 17th annual Chicago Underground Film Festival, held at the Gene Siskel Theater here in Chicago. The festival runs from June 24- July 1 and has lots of great programs and a visit from Jonas Mekas! Here’s some details on the program I’m in:

2009-10, Various directors, Various countries, ca. 76 min.

Two internationally renowned art personalities enter into a group marriage with two obscure Marvel superheroes in Torsten Zenas Burns and Darrin Martin’s WHAT IF? BEYOND A CARNAL LOVE (2010, 17 min.). Jesse McLean’s THE BURNING BLUE (2009, 9 min.) observes the thrill, terror, and boredom found in watching mass spectacles and the unexpected loneliness when you miss them. The moments of the discovery of “pure evil” from various Hollywood narratives are isolated and examined in Roddy Bogawa’s MEMYSELFANDI (2010, 11 min.). Also: new works by James P Finnegan and James Thatcher, Thorsten Fleisch, Wago Kreiger, Jason Livingston, Ivan Lozano, and Alexander Stewart. Various video formats. (Bryan Wendorf)

Somewhere only we know in Onion City

I will be screening Somewhere only we know in the 22nd Onion City Film Festival here in Chicago. The festival runs from June 17-22 and the program looks amazing! Here’s some info on the screening I’m in:

Sunday, June 20 – Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

Group Show Six
In Memory of JoAnn Elam, Chick Strand, and Callie Angell

Cartoon le Mousse (1979, 15 mins., 16mm, US) by Chick Strand.
Lie Back and Enjoy It (1982, 8 mins., 16mm, US) & TBA by JoAnn Elam.
Four of Andy’s Most Beautiful Women (1964, 15 mins., 16mm, US) by Andy Warhol.
Shoulder (1964, 4 mins., 16mm, US) by Andy Warhol.
Delphine de Oliviera (2009, 3 mins., 16mm, Austria) by Friedl vom Gröller (Kubelka).
Dark River (2009, 6 mins., video, US) by Chi Jang Yin.
Northport (2009, 10 mins., 16mm, US) by Adele Friedman.
Somewhere Only We Know (2009, 5 mins., video, US) by Jesse McLean.
Ray’s Birds (2010, 7 mins., 16mm, US) by Deborah Stratman. North American Premiere
Daylight + the Sun (2009, 5 mins., Super-8mm, US) by Karen Johannesen.
Shutter (2010, 8 mins., 16mm, Canada) by Alexi Manis. World Premiere