Mind Magic – Zummertapez

On Sunday, Aug 29, Jesse McLean will present a video mixtape at Roots
& Culture as part of the Zummertapez series. In this mixtape, entitled
“Mind Magic,” a collection of screen gems are strategically interwoven
with selections from McLean’s work (including sneak peaks at a new
piece), enabling the viewer to ply the delicate line between illusion
and reality that is the human psyche. Join us as together we attempt
to map the mind and conjure the inexplicable using outtakes, bloopers
and plenty of tricks.(Criss Angel in person.)

Zummertapez invites filmmakers and video artists to create a collage
mixtape, combining their own work with things that have influenced
them. The end result is a more social and entertaining artist talk
that allows the filmmaker to show their work set amongst both cinema
classics and little-known gems.

Zummertapez: Jesse McLean
Roots & Culture gallery
1034 N. Milwaukee Ave
8:00 pm
$5 suggested donation

Ground Floor – Hyde Park Art Center

I’ll be showing Marching Ants, Magic Wand and Clone as part of the group show Ground Floor at the Hyde Park Art Center. See below for more details!

Ground Floor – August 29-October 31, 2010

Exhibition Opening – Sunday, August 29 3-5pm

Chicago, IL (August 2010) Ground Floor, on view from August 29 until October 3, 2010 at the Hyde Park Art Center,is a survey exhibition of multi-media work by 20 promising artists who recently emerged from Chicago’s top level MFA programs. Filling the three galleries that make up the entire ground floor of the Art Center, the artwork included illustrate the exciting state of these artist’s career ready to take off. This biannual show of new art and artists brings together under one roof the stylistic trends and innovative talent of the moment produced throughout the city.

With a history of shows like Hairy Who?, a definitive exhibition featuring the Chicago Imagists movement of the late 60s, Hyde Park Art Center has been at the forefront of encouraging Chicago-based artistic practice. In keeping with the mission to ‘stimulate and sustain visual arts in the city of Chicago’, this exhibition questions if there is a decisive Chicago style happening in art being produced right now.

The 2010 exhibition features new and never before exhibited work by the following artists: Daniel Bruttig, Katy Collier, Chris Cuellar, Bonnie Fortune, Maria Gaspar, Joe Grimm, Adam Grossi, Emily Hermant, Jeremiah Hulsebos-Spofford, Samantha Jaffe, Daniel Lavitt, Lisa Lindvay, Brian Matthew, Jesse McLean, Matthew Metzger, Jessie Mott, Eliza Myrie, Jennifer Ray, Mia Rollow, Michael Sirianni, and Olivia Valentine. The artists hail from a broad range of schools that offer graduate level fine art degrees, including University of Chicago, University of Illinois  (Chicago and Springfield), Northwestern University, Columbia College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Exhibitions Committee is led by the Chair Dawoud Bey, and includes Huey Copeland, Matthew Girson, Kelly Kaczynski, Sze Lin Pang and Art Center Staff Allison Peters Quinn, Chris Hammes, and Kate Lorenz. The committee received over 100 recommendations from faculty in the local art schools. After conducting slide reviews then studio visits, the committee rigorously narrowed down the candidates to a final shortlist of artists.

Ground Floor will be on view from August 29 to October 31, 2010 at the Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60615; 773.324.5520 and http://www.hydeparkart.org. Exhibitions are always free and open to the public.

Magic for Beginners world premier at the Venice Film Festival!

My latest piece, “Magic for Beginners” will make its world premier in the Orizzonti program of the 67th Venice Film Festival! I’ll be screening with amazing artists like Peter Tscherkassky, Martin Arnold, Semiconductor, Doug Aitken, just to name a few!

Check out the amazing line up!


The Orizzonti Program has been revamped this year to focus on “new trends in world cinema”. Here’s some more info on the change:


Somewhere only we know in Berlin!

MMX Open Art Space SHOW V Screening Program: Defenestration curated by Eric Fleischauer


The Jettisoned Yoni Goldstein + Meredith Zielke 2010

Somewhere only we know Jesse McLean 2009

The Fallen Steve Reinke 2006

Black and White Trypps Number Four Ben Russell  2008

</3 Chelsea Welch 2010

Between the Sheets Warren Cockerham 2008

On the Edge of Utterance and Being Articulate: A Brief Introduction to the “Poetics of Space” Todd Simeone 2008

Anne Frank’s chestnut tree (Amsterdam, 2008) Jason Lazarus 2008

Program Description:

The city of Chicago was built on swampland, then destroyed by a devastating fire, and quickly rebuilt atop its own ashes.  These imperfect conditions gave rise to a certain spirit that lingers above the city, and initiated a culture of alternative strategies including advancements in engineering and infrastructure that have been adapted and implemented by others around the world – Chicago raised the world’s first skyscraper.

While the eight videos presented here utilize divergent aesthetics and techniques, there is a unifying presence that transcends geography, form, or content.  This presence is absence.  In a minimal and precise fashion, these artists eschew “the cinematic” and adapt the medium to fit their conceptual frameworks.  Various incarnations of lacking and longing motivate, comprise, inspire, and inform the work in this program.

What is contained within the frame is only a trace of what-has-been, but it works to tap into the metaphysical and communicate these larger, complicated, intangible emotions and ideas that are looming outside the frame. It is this direct relationship to their subjects that works to augment the discrete, draw out the ephemeral, and contain the ethereal.  By engaging in the impossible task of grasping the intangible, the imminent failure of these videos are transcended by way of sincerity.