Eruption Program

The second of three planned programs curated by Eric Fleischauer and myself. To be held at Green Lantern Gallery on Nov. 6, at 7:30. This event is free. Details below

Spewing out from the depths of subversive fantasy (and borrowing from Tony Balko’s title) the Eruption program disgorges imaginary visions brought to light with aid of technology. More than just constructed fictions, the artists in this program push the elasticity of the medium, in the process revealing not just inner fantasies but also deeper truths embedded in the material.

Featuring :

  • Eruption, Tony Balko
  • Shot Through, Tom Dale
  • Schubert Revery, Todd Mattei
  • The Mad Masters, Sascha Pohle
  • Video Sculptures, Bran Tinmouth
  • Spring, Todd Mattei
  • All Ghost Women Play the Theremin, Jerzy Rose
  • Snake Trap, Thad Kellstadt
  • Moby Dick, Tony Balko

Screening at Museum of Contemporary Photography

Video Playlist: Mixtapes and Mashups

The Bearing Witness Trilogy will screen on Oct. 21 at 6pm at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Here’s more info:

Video Playlist is a one-night screening of short video works that consider the playlist as a user generated form of expression featuring artists who mix and re-edit materials from popular media such as YouTube and movies to examine and question meaning. The artists in Video Playlist subvert the content they borrow as they explore notions of spectacle, truth, and performance. Featuring work by Natalie Bookchin, Jesse Mclean, Nicolas Provost, Jon Routson and Sterling Ruby. Curated by Kate Bowen and David Oresick.

Mere Mystery Program

Eric Fleischauer and I have curated a screening to be held at Green Lantern Gallery on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at 7pm. Hope to see you there! Details below:

Borrowing a title from Lori Felker’s film of the same name, this program presents a selection of work from artists who use video and film to locate, document, and progress the world in which they – and we – reside. Their work demonstrates an effort to map their surroundings or discover that these places must remain necessarily veiled. Through the cinematic eye, the artists in this program steal glimpses of an ancient world still teeming with crudeness, vigor and unexplained beauty.

Featuring work by:

  • Lori Felker
  • Mary Helena Clark
  • Jack Cronin
  • Olivia Ciummo
  • Michael Robinson
  • Warren Cockerham
  • Alee Peoples
  • Keith Tassick
  • Scott Wolniak


In conjunction with the Green Lantern’s ongoing social investigation into ecology throughout this year, Jesse McLean and Eric Fleischauer have curated a series of three film and video screenings that follow a similar line of inquiry as it relates to contemporary trends and developments within the field of the moving image. The programs presented aim to identify and organize boundaries within the field that are being constantly renegotiated by artists working with moving images.