Rosetta pic

I made a new piece called Rosetta and showed it a Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s a digital print, 24×36″. I started with a low-res image of the Rosetta Stone, which was the key to translating hieroglyphics. I’ll get a detail shot soon so you can see that it’s been really compressed by both digital translation and scale. But this new language is yet to be determined…

Thad is posing with the piece for scale.


Feedback: Video by Artists at University of Richmond Museums

I was included in a program as part of Feedback: Video by Artists, screening in the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature (part of the University of Richmond Museums, see below).

Somewhere only we know already screened in Program 1 alongside some heavy hitters! but there are still great programs as well as performances and lectures through late March so if you are in Richmond check it out!

More about Feedback: Video by Artists

The University of Richmond Museums presents Feedback: Video by Artists, on view from January 12 to March 18, 2011, in the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature. The exhibition consists of eight videos, divided into four categories, and accompanied by two lectures and a five-part screening series. Together, these works are designed to set contemporary artists’ videos in a historical context. Focusing on the distinct features of this medium, the exhibition highlights video in its nascent form with an accompanying series of screenings of contemporary video art.

Climbing at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn

I’ll be showing Climbing as part of group show curated by Thomas Weinrich that marks the opening of his new space Interstate Projects in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The show is called Life in a Peaceful New World and opens March 4. Also featured in the show is fellow Chicagoan Eric Fleischauer, who will be in attendance at the opening. Have fun in NY!

Interstate Projects
56 Bogart St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Wexner Center: Look at Our Life Now

Visiting Filmmakers

Rising stars and acclaimed masters come to screen their films and talk with Wexner Center audiences.

Dani Leventhal and Jesse McLean introduce
Look at Our Life Now

Wed, Feb 16, 2011  |  7:00PM

Dani Leventhal, a talented filmmaker from Columbus who is now based in Brooklyn, and Chicago-based video artist Jesse McLean introduce this one-of-a-kind program of new shorts.

The program seeks to take stock of this present moment in a handful of recent videos and films that balance the impersonal technological tenor of the times with a complex emotional palate ranging from tenderness to irony. At the center of the program is Leventhal’s Hearts Are Trump Again, a remarkable diary collage film. Pop songs feature prominently in several other works, including Wex favorite Michael Robinson’s new video, These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us, which imaginatively and astonishingly fuses footage from a Michael Jackson video with Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. McLean’s Magic for Beginners assesses a particularly modern emotional landscape through an examination of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tron videogame machines, Celine Dion, and Andy Warhol. And that’s just the start of the evening—you won’t want to miss this. (program app. 100 mins., video and 16mm)