Relations reshoot

I’m redoing The Relation as Relations, and will present the updated and (hopefully) improved version as part of an installation at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts early this summer. Thanks to David Wolf for his excellent explanation of the laws of physics and to Thad for being the rig operator and construction assistant. Here’s some pics from the shoot. 

Thad puts some finishing touches on the rig

Images Festival April 1

Magic for Beginners is screening at Images this year in Toronto. The program I’m in screens on Friday, April 1 at 7pm. It’s called Same, Same but Different and you guessed it, Oliver Laric is in the program with Versions. Also included is the fantastic Jodie Mack and a host of other great work. The rest of the festival also looks amazing, with lots of terrific work and artist talks by personal favorites Steve Reinke and Deborah Stratman, among others.


Magic for Beginners at PPOW

I’ll be screening Magic for Beginners at PPOW gallery in Chelsea this July as part of a group show. Very excited! More info to come.

A quick description of the show’s themes:

We would like to address the impossibility of revelation in the face of contemporary structures but also to recognize intimate and meaningful gestures made through simple everyday practices or imaginative magic.  We also want to highlight the use of formalism in Modernist art practices and how this can be used to transform and re-position this history.


More Detroit news…

I’m excited to be a part of a group show titled Broadband, curated by Alee Peoples. Other artists include Harmony Korine, Bobby Woods, Rashaad Newsome and Alee Peoples. This show will take place this summer in Detroit at Cave. More info to come, but here’s a blurb about the show…

(brawd-band). noun. Working title of a group show with works based on the demented side of popular experience and how it becomes our collective baggage through repetition and disguise. Whether had together all at once or alone in our bedrooms, music, events and advertising surround us and place us in certain rings of lifestyles and culture. Repetition and concealing/revealing are two techniques we as receivers of information have to negate to grasp what is being said. The different media that provides this broadband or solipsistic existence are the very tools that some of these artists use to remix and distort the messages that abound our lives. What we choose to surround ourselves with, what is familiar and recognizable once it has been trans-formed, is for you to decide.