Hang in There at Co-Prosperity Sphere, June 17 opening

I’ll be showing a new piece as part of this group show curated by Jason Lazarus, Hang in There. There are sooooo many great artists in the show, I’m excited! Come out and see the show and the new work, about which I’ll say this: I hope you like to dance.

More about the show:

Hang in There is an exhibition asking artists to make motivational artworks.  Cultural producers often face difficult roads to develop a sustainable practice.  This exhibition is an opportunity for artists to provide an alternative to the commodified and saturated market for motivation, transcending the usual glut of advice, adages, and worksheets to something more singular, incisive, heartfelt, and critically-minded.

Opening June 17, 2011 / 7 – 10 PM at The Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago, IL.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Biennial, June 10 opening

I’ll be exhibiting a new piece Relations (more info and documentation coming soon) as part of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Biennial. The Biennial is greatly expanded this year to include exhibitions at the Miller Gallery, the Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I’ll be a the PCA opening in my hometown of the ‘Burgh!

More info on the Biennial (and more info on the artists and curators and host organizations) can be found here.

Magic at Chicago Underground; Festival takes place June 2 – 9

Magic for Beginners will play as part of the shorts program “A Carrot is as Close as a Rabbit gets to a Diamond” at the 2011 Chicago Underground Film Festival. It plays Sunday, June 5 at 1:00pm and again Thursday, June 9 at 6:00pm at the Gene Siskel Film Center. The programming looks terrific this year, I’m really looking forward to checking out lots of great work.

Schedule is here.