Fits and Spells at Cornell Cinema, curated by Michael Robinson

Magic for Beginners will play in  Fits and Spells, curated by Michael Robinson, a screening of wonderful work. The screening is Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 7:15. More info here.

Examining and evoking altered states of consciousness to enthralling, humorous and haunting ends, these five short films explore the cinematic possibilities of the manipulated mind. A portrait of one woman’s LSD trip becomes a mesmerizing riddle of perspective and landscape in Ben Russell’s Trypps #7 (Badlands) (2010,10 mins), while a home beauty routine gives way to a desert vision quest in Shana Moulton’s Sand Saga (2008, 11 mins). In Peggy Ahwesh’sThe Ape of Nature (2010, 23 mins), an ensemble of hypnotized actors channel a cacophonous recalling of the past, inspired by Werner Herzog’s Heart of Glass. The program also includes Laida Lertxundi’s Cry When It Happens (2010, 13 mins), a mystical expedition across the urban and wild expanses of southern California, and Jesse McLean’s Magic For Beginners (2010, 20 mins), an essayistic look at the inherent hysteria, melancholy and release of obsessive fandom.