Video Playlist: The Evidence Show(s) with guest curator Jesse McLean: Museum of Contemporary Photography

A program I  curated for Video Playlist, held at the Museum of Contemporary Photography here in Chicago will screen Nov. 30, from 6-9pm. Free! More info:

The Evidence Show(s) is a one-night public screening of video work in conjunction with Crime Unseen. The artists featured in this program consider the potential for everyday objects, ordinary surroundings and average people to become evidence of something beyond the familiar.

Featuring: Steve Matheson, Semi-Conductor, Jessie Stead, Michael Bell-Smith, Noah Klersfeld, Steve Reinke and Jacob Ciocci

BYOB Cincinnati

I participated in a BYOB in Cincinnati at the Contemporary Art Center on Nov. 4. It was a lot of fun and it was great to hang out with some really cool artists.