Magic for Beginners at Transmediale

Magic for Beginners will screen in the Video Programme Satellite Stories as part of the 2012 Transmediale in Berlin, Germany in late January/early Feb. Very excited! A little about Satellite Stories:

The video programme Satellite Stories, curated by Marcel Schwierin, raises the question of the compatibility between human beings and the products they create. Whether we look to politics, the financial markets, architecture, traffic, fashion or – in particular – to the mass media: we create an environment that is intended to satisfy our needs, but one that also consistently makes demands upon us that we cannot achieve. The products seem to develop a life of their own, and are no longer adapted to suit human needs; instead, we are forced to adapt to them in order to avoid becoming incompatible ourselves.

Right up my alley! More about the program and other artists included can be found here