Remote at Chicago Underground Film Festival

Remote will screen as part of the 2012 Chicago Underground Film Festival. The festival runs from May 31-June 7 and is always full of great programs and lots of fun times.

Screening as part of the shorts program: The Dead Talk Back on Saturday, June 2 at 1:00pm.

2010-2012, Various directors, Various nations, 85 min.

FOR ADOLFAS Joel Schlemowitz, 6 min., 16mm, 2011, USA
REMOTE Jesse McLean, 11 min., Video, 2011, USA
DEJA VU DE JOUR Mike Olenick, 2 min., Video, 2012, USA
WANING Gina Haraszti, 8 min.,Video, 2011, Canada
BOMB SHELTER Colin Polombi, 3 min., Video, 2012, USA
MAURICE Patrick Kack-Brice, 18 min., Video, 2011, France/USA
RANSOM NOTES Kelly Egan, 4 min., 35mm, 2011, Canada   
COMING ATTRACTIONS Peter Tscherkassky, 25 min., 35mm, 2010, Austria

Remote at EFF Portland 2012

Remote will screen as part of The Upper Crust program on May 26 (exact program order TBA) in the newly launched EFF (Experimental Film Festival) Portland 2012. The festival takes place in Portland, OR, May 19-27. Excited to be a part of a new fest! Other artists in the program include:

Dalibor Baric: Pain So Light That Appears as Tickle
Brent Coughenour: Work in Progress
Charles Fairbanks: Wrestling with my Father
Yohan Guignard: RECIFS
Jonesy: Beauty Must Suffer
Michael Lanagan and Terah Maher: Choros
Kerry Laitala: Chromatic Cocktail 180 Proof
Barton Lewis: East River Pavilion, Upper East Side, New York City
Jodie Mack: Future’s So Bright
Lindsay McIntyre: where she stood in the first place.
Jesse McLean: Remote
Slawomir Milewski: The Ecstasy of St. Agnes
Jeremy Moss: Those Inescapable Slivers of Celluloid
Peter Snowdon: Dieu est dans les racines (God is in the roots)
Richad Touhy: Etienne’s Hand

Remote in Crossroads in San Francisco

Remote is screening as part of Crossroads: Moving Image Arts Festival, held at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco, festival takes place May 18-20. Screening is Program 1, Friday May 18 at 7:00pm.

SCREENING: Remote (2011) by Jesse McLean; Love Rose (2010) by Bobby Abate; Leonora (2011) by Eliane Lima; With-Me-Not-Me (2011) by Olivia Ciummo; Song for the Collectors (2011) by Tommy Becker; Craig’s Cutting Room Floor (2011) by Linda Scobie; One Way to Find Out (2012) by Scott Stark; The Pool (2011) by Christine Lucy Latimer; Araneae (Compound Eyes No. 4) (2011) by Paul Clipson; The Ape of Nature (2010) by Peggy Ahwesh

This program looks awesome!!! And the whole festival is not to be missed.

Remote in Migrating Forms

Remote will screen on Sunday, May 20 at 2:15 in Group Program 6 as part of Migrating Forms. Other artists in the program include Lars Laumann and Benjamin A. Huseby, Erika Vogt, Shana Moulton, Jacob Ciocci, Leslie Thornton, Guthrie Lonergan and Dani Leventhal.

As usual, the entire festival, which takes place May 11-20 and is held at Anthology Film Archives, looks amazing!