Austerity Measures travels on to Riga, Lisbon, Barcelona and Athens

Austerity Measures, an impressive group of work curated by Joào Laia and Andrey Shental (see earlier post) has traveled to show at additional venues

Waterpieces Contemporary and Video Art Festival, Riga, Latvia

FUSO International Festival of Video Art, Lisbon, Portugal

There is a possibility that the program will travel further to

BIOS, Athens, Greece (upcoming)

CCCB, Barcelona, Spain (upcoming)

More info as it arrives but very excited to be a part of this!


Remote in Russia!

Remote will screen in Moscow at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture as part of the Deconstruction of Cinematic Realities Film Program. Couldn’t ask for a better fit for that piece. More details here:

The program – organized in collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam – features twenty-six full-length films and shorts by directors from all over the world, each addressing cinema’s transgression of the traditional boundaries, which separates fiction from reality.

The show venues are:
August 30, September 14-16, Pioner cinema at Gorky park
August 31 – September 13, 2012, Garage Temporary Summer Pavilion, Gorky Park

Film selection by Olya Borissova (GARAGE SCREEN) and Inge De Leeuw (International Film Festival Rotterdam)

Program Partner: Pioner cinema at Gorky park.

All throughout, it’s a great line up. I’m pretty excited about my screening:
20:00 Remote. 2011. USA. Directed by Jesse McLean. 12 min.
20:15 Francophrenia (or Don’t Kill Me, I know Where the Baby Is). 2012. USA. Directed by Ian Olds. 70 min.

DINCA Vision Quest 2012

I was very happy to be included in DINCA Vision Quest 2012.  Although the festival happened in August  (I was moving and beyond in my blogging), check out all the great work screened/performed. More about the festival:

VISION QUEST 2012 is three nights of vision quest festivities in Chicago, including a handful of screenings with live audio/video performances. VISION QUEST’s credo is to translate the blog experience into an amalgamated IRL (in real life) experience, to further expand the ambit of experimental film & video, new media art, internet art, and to share the subterranean magic of great artists & filmmakers in a physical and social setting. In addition to screening work from around the world, it’s our mission to bolster the Chicago arts community by featuring the works of many Chicago filmmakers & artists in a setting that’s free of charge.

I screened Climbing and I really like the description:

Jesse McLean

Chicago, IL | 2011 | 6 min | video | silent

So many mountains to climb — climbing and climbing and climbing — and now we are seeing the colors of change. Grab hold and climb, climb, climb. Now — more than ever — it is time to implement the most profound changes internally. Our inner develops pari passu with our outer. Change or be changed. Participate in the glorious uphill climb of life. What is your mountain to climb? Find the mountain; climb that damn mountain.

“The real world is a thing of joy, a dance of life. It is a world in which no one finds it difficult to be a means of bringing happiness to others.”  (AR)