MUMOK! Headed to Vienna…

I’m headed to Vienna the first week of November to present my work at mumok (the museum of modern art in Vienna)! I was invited by Christian Höller, as part of Scan Scroll Surf: Digital Film Aesthetics Today. and I’m thrilled! More info below:

Scan Scroll Surf: Digital Film Aesthetics Today

Today, moving images are primarily digital, and their aesthetics have begun to change fundamentally. A four-part program at the mumok cinema will look at the basics of this new aesthetic by showing key examples from recent years. We will investigate how impressions of reality and virtuality increasingly merge in these images, and we will ask whether non-analog “layering,” a key defining element of this type of image, leads to impoverished or enriched perception, and also whether increasing dematerialization of the pictorial content is also accompanied by a greater loss of historical and critical consciousness. The more general question here is what happens when images derive their content ever more from other images, while their referentiality fades more and more into the background. In brief: where is image production taking us, now that the internet has become its primary source and the ontological status of its products is increasingly fragile?


Oliver Laric (October 8)
Jason Dungan (October 22)
Jesse McLean (November 5)
Ed Atkins (December 10)

Curated by Christian Höller

Christian Höller lives in Vienna. He is author, curator and co-editor of the magazine springerin.