Mediated Realities: Videos by Jesse McLean, Art + Artists Program at 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival

MILWAUKEE – The 7th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, announces its lineup for Art + Artists. Now in its second year, the Art + Artists program features a selection of films that explore and celebrate creativity in the performing and visual arts.

Mediated Realities: Videos by Jesse McLean
(USA / 2008-2015 / Director: Jesse McLean)
Clip from I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining:
This special presentation of works by leading avant-garde filmmaker Jesse McLean showcases her deep curiosity about human behavior and relationships, especially as presented and observed through mediated images. Through deft use of collage, each of McLean’s videos subtly questions viewers’ associations with the information we consume daily, while reimagining a world in which everyday media tropes are reclaimed and transformed.