Consolidated Volume – c3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, AUS

Climbing is included in this curated exhibition at c3 Contemporary Art Space in Melbourne, Australia. Show runs 13th April to 8th May 2016

Gallery 3
Consolidated Volume
Joe Hamilton – Patrick Hamilton – Tristan Jalleh – Sara Ludy – Jesse McLean

“…satellite communication makes it possible to experience a rush of images from different places almost simultaneously, collapsing the world’s spaces into a series of images on a screen … The image of places and spaces becomes as open to production and ephemeral use as any other [commodity].” – David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity.
Consolidated Volume is an exhibition of video works investigating the role of technology in our gradual estrangement from a traditional sense of physical space. The artists attempt to re-order this visual chaos, and re-establish spatial and temporal boundaries to an otherwise sprawling plane of distorted form.

CONTOURS at The Photographer’s Gallery in London

My work is included in CONTOURS, an exhibition featuring Nicholas O’Brien and Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism, that is on display at the media wall, at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, UK.

Show runs from 14 April – 3 July. I’m showing Marching Ants, Magic Wand and Clone, three video loops from my Invisible Tracks series.

About the exhibition:

Today’s multimedia software has made it easier to construct and manipulate images through automation, creating a tension between the creativity of the user and the machine. 

In dialogue with Double Take: drawing and photography, we present works by Jesse McLean, Nicholas O’Brien and the Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism that offer different commentaries on how digital tools complicate the distinction between “drawing” and “photography”. 

Working with different digital assets – snapshots of Iraq, Google’s 3D model warehouse and the archives of Asger Jorn – the artists trace new contours through this material, suggesting new ways to read and activate meaning in photographic images today.