I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining

Anecdotally, Andy Warhol once asked the Velvet Underground that the record bearing his name be inscribed with a purposeful skip during the song “I’ll be Your Mirror.” Listeners, faced with the endless repetition of that particular lyric, would be forced to rouse themselves and manually drive the needle onward. The group declined this request.
I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining honors the concept: both the act and the idea of being caught in a reflexive moment. This video is an experimental portrait of a lighting stand-in/body double whose work and corporal self appears in films even if her name does not. Through a purposeful masking of the (sometimes subtle) differentiations between performance and acting, famous Hollywood actress and her double, character, actual person, audience expectation, and cinema magic this video offers a look behind the silver screen.

Festival history:
Festival International du Film de La Roche-sur-Yon
European Media Art Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival (First Prize)
Athens Film and Video Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival

Video, stereo mix, 2015, TRT 14:20

Preview available upon request, distributed by Video Data Bank