Winter 2017 Updates

Hello and Happy New Year!

Here are some upcoming screenings happening right at the start of 2017:

My latest video See a Dog, Hear a Dog will be screening at the International Film Festival Rotterdam as part of the Bright Future Shorts. The programming look amazing and I’m thrilled to be there in person. I’ll also give a masterclass at the festival, details to come.

The same piece will screen as part of a film/video program within Transmediale in Berlin, celebrating its 30-year anniversary with an incredible theme of “ever elusive”. I’ll also be participating in a “middle session”, moderated by writer Elvia Wilk .
It is scheduled for Friday the 3rd , 11.30 am – 1 pm.  Here are a few sentences about the session…

As media increasingly melt into the environment, they become both more naturalized and more estranged, in the sense that we understand the way they work less and less. The “Elemental” Middle Session highlights the unnoticeable media we live and work among, focusing equally on their material (technical) properties and their cultural meanings. 

See a Dog, Hear a Dog will also screen as part of the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival in Scotland in March. Thrilled to be included in this incredible festival!

Last November I received a Nohl Fellowship in the Established Artist category and couldn’t be more honored and excited to be a fellow and work with the Nohl organization. Stay tuned for information regarding the exhibition at the Haggerty Museum of Art later this year.

Fall updates

I’m just returning from Projections at New York Film Festival, where my new video “See a Dog, Hear a Dog” had its world premiere. It was great to be included among such excellent work!

Later this October, I’ll be heading to upstate New York for a stop in Syracuse University, then on to Binghamton University for the Visiting Artist screening series, then Ithaca to screen a solo program at Cornell Cinema. Excited for this mini-tour. I’ll be at Muhlenberg College in November to deliver a talk, and also see the installation of Climbing at the Martin Art Gallery. Other cool exhibitions and screenings that are upcoming, current or recently past:

Currently on view, is this wonderful program curated by Sasha Litvintseva, Myths of Matter and Memory,, The Invisible World is on view

Upcoming! The launch of the November Film Festival, London, UK, Somewhere only we know will screen

Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen, Denmark, Climbing

DIY Space for London, Edge of Frame, London, UK, I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining screened in this excellent programming series curated by Edwin Rostron

Comfort Station, Home Movies Reconsidered, Chicago, IL, The Invisible World screened in this wonderful program curated by Michael Wawzenek

Summer plans and updates

I hope the warm weather is treating you right! I’d like to share some upcoming and recently past screenings and shows.

Upcoming screenings:

  • Winnepeg Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada, I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining- 
  • Nonplussed Fest, Los Angeles, I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining- 
  • Home Movies, Reconsidered, Chicago, IL, The Invisible World
  • Invalid Data: Dreaming Through the Gaps – VDB TV, online, The Invisible World
  • Oak Cliff Film Festival, Dallas, TX, I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining


  • MoogFest, The Dead Astronaut Program, Durham, NC, Climbing
  • Ambulante/Flaherty Film Seminar, Mexico City, Mexico, Magic for Beginners

I was also excited to show some older work (Marching Ants, Magic Wand, Clone) recently as part of the exhibition “Contours”, at The Photographers Gallery, London, UK.

Climbing as was include in the exhibition “Consolidated Volume”, at c3 Contemporary Art Space, in Melbourne, AU.

This summer, I’ll be heading to MacDowell Artist Colony for most of June and plan to complete two videos I’m currently at work on, both part of a new body of work. Later in the summer I’ll head to Northern California to interview professor, composer and computer scientist David Cope and research and collect material for a longer essay film at the Internet Archive and the Computer History Museum (also part of the new series)…

Lots of computers, but also much sound design and some dogs, ….. 🙂


Hope to cross paths with you soon!










Consolidated Volume – c3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, AUS

Climbing is included in this curated exhibition at c3 Contemporary Art Space in Melbourne, Australia. Show runs 13th April to 8th May 2016

Gallery 3
Consolidated Volume
Joe Hamilton – Patrick Hamilton – Tristan Jalleh – Sara Ludy – Jesse McLean

“…satellite communication makes it possible to experience a rush of images from different places almost simultaneously, collapsing the world’s spaces into a series of images on a screen … The image of places and spaces becomes as open to production and ephemeral use as any other [commodity].” – David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity.
Consolidated Volume is an exhibition of video works investigating the role of technology in our gradual estrangement from a traditional sense of physical space. The artists attempt to re-order this visual chaos, and re-establish spatial and temporal boundaries to an otherwise sprawling plane of distorted form.

CONTOURS at The Photographer’s Gallery in London

My work is included in CONTOURS, an exhibition featuring Nicholas O’Brien and Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism, that is on display at the media wall, at The Photographer’s Gallery in London, UK.

Show runs from 14 April – 3 July. I’m showing Marching Ants, Magic Wand and Clone, three video loops from my Invisible Tracks series.

About the exhibition:

Today’s multimedia software has made it easier to construct and manipulate images through automation, creating a tension between the creativity of the user and the machine. 

In dialogue with Double Take: drawing and photography, we present works by Jesse McLean, Nicholas O’Brien and the Scandinavian Institute of Computational Vandalism that offer different commentaries on how digital tools complicate the distinction between “drawing” and “photography”. 

Working with different digital assets – snapshots of Iraq, Google’s 3D model warehouse and the archives of Asger Jorn – the artists trace new contours through this material, suggesting new ways to read and activate meaning in photographic images today. 

Winter and Spring 2016 updates…

I’ve been holed up working on several new projects that I hope to have finished by the end of summer, but have some screenings coming up and recently past.


This year, I’ll be a juror at the Athens International Film and Video Festival, in Athens, OH. I’ll have a solo screening and get to hang out with Lydia Moyer and Kelly Sears as co-jurors, how rad is that? Also, Aerial View, the music project of Thad Kellstadt that I’ve recently joined, will have a performance! Looks to be an excellent April.

I’ll also be stopping by my alma mater, Oberlin College, to give an artist talk, have some studio/class visits and hang with fellow alumnus and pal Jacob Ciocci, currently teaching in the Art Department.

Recent and upcoming screenings:

Curated by Caspar Stracke and Gabriela Monroy with Ambulante, Magic for Beginners will be included in a Flaherty Film Seminar program at Ambulante in Mexico City, Mexico in April 8-10, 2016.

I’m in Pittsburgh and It’s Raining will screen as part of the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival in April, 2016. It’s included in the Experimental Program, co-presented with Cellular Cinema. In great company with Lori Felker, Rob Todd, Olivia Ciummo and more…

Continuing to screen the excellent No New York program, Roger Beebe arranged the screening at UNEXPOSED Microcinema, in Durham, NC,  and also presented the program in January, (retitled ‘No LA’)  at Echo Park Film Center, in Los Angeles, CAI’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining is included in the program.

Also upcoming at UNEXPOSED Microcinema, The Being of Seeing, Durham, NC, curated by Anna Kipervaser. This screening is part of a series that features the work of artists based in the Great Lakes region. March 4, 2016. Remote is included. Other artists include Ben Balcom, Sky Hopinka, Emily Oscarson, Thomas Comerford, Kera MacKenzie and Drew Mausert-Mooney. Excellent company to keep with this program!

I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s Raining screened at at Casket Cinema, Minneapolis, MN, in January, 2016.

Lose Yourself screened in terrific program by Ekrem Serdar as part of his Emulsified Series. Emulsified #3: Obedience, screened at the Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, in Buffalo, NY in January, 2016.

That’s it for now! I’ll be headed to The MacDowell Colony in June for a residency and to finish some new work 🙂